Monday, July 03, 2006

Community Energy Solutions!

Community Energy Solutions is committed to the safe, secure energy system we need for the 21st Century. A mix of energy sources that uses Iowa’s renewable resources, combined with improved energy efficiencies, will lead us to energy independence and economic prosperity.

Right now, over 140 traditional coal-fired power plants are currently proposed or under construction across the United States. The coal and utility industries want to lock us in to decades of dependence on a dirty and nonrenewable form of energy. We have the technology to do better. In the interest of Iowa and of the United States, it’s time to insist we use those technologies, and stop the “coal rush” so we can develop clean, home-grown energy.

To begin construction, LS Power must get permission from the local planning body (Waterloo and Black Hawk County), the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the Iowa Utilities Board. They have also requested interconnection and upgrading of transmission lines from Midwest ISO, Alliant West, and MidAmerican Energy Company. The company believes that, if they can persuade the citizens that construction of the plant can not be stopped, they can get all their permits quickly.

Many of the residents in the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas oppose construction of this plant. More than 3,000 people have signed a petition opposing the proposed plant. They know that LS Power, importing coal, exporting energy, and leaving the pollution in Iowa, is NOT part of Iowa’s energy future. To voice your opposition and stop construction of this plant, contact:

Clean Air for Waterloo: and sign a petition
Mayor of Waterloo:, 319-291-4302
Black Hawk County Supervisors:, 319-833-3003
Deparment of Natural Resources:, 515-281-5918
Iowa Utilities Board:, 877-565-4450
Alliant Energy:, 1-800-255-4268
MidAmerican Energy Company:, 1-888-427-5632
LS Power:, 888-317-6567

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