Monday, August 14, 2006

LS Power Responds

LS Power Responds!

To read the response and our replies, click here

The Clean Air for Waterloo campaign obtained an email with responses to statements on our website from Mr. Milburn of LS Power. We have replied to those comments and posted the comments and our replies on our website (

This exchange, and indications from the Iowa Utilities Board that a local zoning process IS necessary for the project to proceed, have made it abundantly clear why an immediate public hearing for citizen participation is necessary. More than 3,500 Cedar Valley residents have petitioned against this plant. It is time for City and County officials to discuss the local process.

Call Mr. Hurley, the Mayor of Waterloo, at 319-291-4301 and ask him to hold a public hearing on the LS Power project and local process immediately.

Also, come to a meeting on Wednesday, August 16th at 7 pm in the Dewar Community Center (Dewar, IA) to discuss public participation in the approval process (see post below).


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