Friday, August 11, 2006

Meeting Announcement!

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Organization Created to Promote New Energy System

Who: Community Energy Solutions
What: Meeting and Action Discussion
Where: Dewar Community Center in Dewar, IA
When: Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 at 7:00 PM

When Don and Linda Shatzer first learned that there was a coal-fired power plant proposed less than a mile from their house, they thought it sounded like a good thing.

“When we first read of the $1.3 billion dollar proposed coal-fired power plant, we thought "wow" what an investment for Black Hawk County,” said Linda Shatzer. “We realized that we knew very little about coal-fired plants, and since this proposed plant would be within a mile of our home, decided we needed to educate ourselves on its impact. We found that the benefits were few and only monetary, while the hazards and health effects were numerous.”

“Calling this a safe plant because it will be cleaner is like calling a cigarette safe after adding a filter,” said Don Shatzer. “It will still emit thousands of pounds of pollutants, which contribute to increased rates of asthma and autism, into our air and water every year. We must address our energy needs with 21st century technology, like energy efficiency, wind, and biomass, not 19th century technology with a filter added.”

The Shatzer’s experience has been echoed by thousands of Cedar Valley residents in the past few months. They’ve done their research and concluded that our continued over-dependence on coal as an energy source isn’t an answer for the 21st century. Faced with the prospect that their future could be determined by out-of-state coal interests, and armed with the knowledge that clean and cost-effective energy solutions were available, these citizens decided to act. They formed an organization to educate the public about energy issues and promote the use of our technology and economic resources for a healthy, reliable energy system, not further dependence on coal. Community Energy Solutions was born.

“We’ll be promoting a new energy system built around increased efficiency and clean, renewable sources,” said Gail Mueller, President of Community Energy Solutions. “It’s time to stop the downward spiral of environmental, health, and social problems caused by further dependence on coal, and it’s time for public officials to open a democratic discussion on the LS Power project. We’re holding our first public meeting in Dewar so people can actually see where the proposed LS Power plant will be built and how close it is to all of us.”

On Wednesday, August 16th at 7:00 PM in the Dewar Community Center, citizens can participate in a discussion about the direction and action of Community Energy Solutions. They can also find more information via email, or via the website,



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