Thursday, June 01, 2006

A "Done Deal"? Really, Ron?

Everyone seems to remember Waterloo news anchor Ron Steele's confident words after the May 11 informational meeting: "It's a done deal," Ron said.

Is it? Maybe Ron knows something we don't. Maybe Ron knows why LS Power should be confident that it will receive permits from Iowa DNR and the Army Corps of Engineers, and a Certificate of Need from the Iowa Utilities Board. Maybe Ron knows why the City Council can't be swayed by an ever-growing local opposition to this proposal. Maybe Ron knows why the growing list of state legislators who oppose the proposal don't have the influence to defeat it.

If Ron does know all this, he's sitting on the story of the decade. Why would any good newsman do that? Come on, Ron, tell us what you know. Otherwise, stop trying to stifle the people's democratic right to try to influence public policy decisions that affect all our lives. That's what a good newsman would do.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous N.E. Thornsberry said...

How come no referendum? How come the Board of Supervisors is being told by County Attorney that they have no say over the siteing? Why no zoning hearing? Why is Waterloo's mayor so hot for this project? Why would LS Power choose Waterloo? Being close to the MAPP and far away fro its source of energy makes no sense. What will the railroad do to mitigate coal dust? Where will LS power draw the 375,000/ hour from? How will the coal be stored? What is the position of the appropriate serving fire department? How will security be maintained? On and on ad infinitum ----- !!!!!!!!!!


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